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Yet Another Year Goes By

In the past twelve months, Dynamite Films has been growing rapidly in the Midwest. Working with respected clients like Bravo Network, Lightbank, and The Onion, Dynamite Films has not only assisted in producing quality content on-time and on-budget but also has maintained a high level of creative innovation.

In June, principal photography of John Corba's, 6 minutes, was completed at Cinespace Studios Chicago. It was a collaboration of many Chicago's finest working professionals and DePaul University students. The project is currently in post production and is expecting an early 2013 release.

Earlier in the year, the magnificent writing of Josh Golden was brought to life by Director Greg Dixon through the project Me vs The Tooth Fairy. The four day shoot starred six year old Tyler Schorsch as Nicholas Goode, who stole the show and is bound to steal the hearts of the audience. Me vs The Tooth Fairy is currently working through visual effects and is anticipating to hit the festival circuit in Spring 2013.

MVTF Frame Grab

Dynamite Films also teamed up with the local Chicago production company, Black Apple Media and Producer Angie Gaffney many times over the course of the past year. The two companies have developed a strong working relationship and look forward to many future projects.

Blood Set for Unconventional Online Release

Blood on the Plain is now completed and set for distribution; however DFP and Watercooler have taken a different approach on the release of this film. Inspired by Australian Filmmakers of The Tunnel, Blood will launch a revolutionary campaign of distribution, independently. The film will largely be present in the online communities. Fans will have the opportunity to download the film for free, digitally, contingent of the purchasing of two customized frames from the film. These hi res, 2K, stills, sell for $1 each and are personalized for the purchaser. Additionally, the customer can chose exactly what frame from the film they want.

The reasoning behind this is simple. Blood needs to be seen by the world. It's a unique and elaborate film, which combines the best of Westerns and Horror. Selling Frames is an additional way to generate awareness of the film, as well as the Cinematographer, David Wagenaar's, extreme talent. So help these quickly growing filmmakers and joining their cause of showing Blood on the Plain to the world. Visit BloodonthePlain.com or shop.bloodontheplain.com for more info and merchandise.

Below is an example of what a customized frame would look like when purchased.

Sample Frame

Watercooler & DFP set for highly anticipated Blood on the Plain

Part western, part horror, Blood on the Plain is a self-aware pulp exploration of a town in the wake of tragedy. Following a savage massacre at the Larned High School Homecoming Dance, the townspeople take up arms and, under the guidance of four seasoned trackers, set out in search of justice. Those who survive will be forced to square-off with the assailants; a breed of man never before seen and born of a previous generation's offense.

Watercooler Productions last success Chemical 12-D (2009) tore through the horror community like a bat outta hell. Now teaming up with DFP for Blood on the Plain, written by Angel Esparza, the deadly combination of talent is expected to produce yet another shocker. Preproduction for the short is already underway with shooting beginning in March. The larger pyrotechnic fire and blood scenes are expected to begin in May.

A series of Vlogs will be posted for the duration of the shoot, allowing the horror community to follow the making of Blood on the Plain through its exciting & ground breaking steps. Visit Blood on Facebook.


Rockscar & DFP complete production of Balancing Game

Over the past 6 months Dynamite Film Productions has been off the rocker busy.

In May 2010, DFP partnered up with Rockscar Films to produce The Balancing Game. It was shot in the loop and west side of Chicago during the first three weeks of August 2010. Currently, the film is in post production proceeding full steam ahead. Check out TheBalancingGame.com for daily updates, teasers and trailers.

“THE BALANCING GAME” is a drama about power and envy, with a philosophy and commentary on self-help culture.  The story centers around two rival psychiatrists in their final year of a doctoral program at a prestigious university: Greg, a narcissistic genius who dominates everything he does and Al, who plays second fiddle and is consumed with envy because of it.  Their rivalry is completely one-sided until one fateful night changes everything.

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